Covers the statutory liability of the policy holder in his / her capacity as professional skipper / person in charge of a yacht up to a maximum of 100 tons. Pursuant to the general terms and conditions for third party liability insurance and the special conditions for professional skipper’s liability insurance.

Skipper’s Liability Insurance Coverage

  • Damage to the operated yacht in the event of proven gross negligence.
  • Claims for compensation of the crew among one another under statutory liability.
  • Security deposit / bailment up to EUR 50.000,00 in the event of confiscation of the yacht in a foreign port.
  • Claims for compensation of the yacht owner for loss of charter income up to EUR 17.500,00 arising from culpable significant damage to the yacht.

The overall insured sum for personal injury and damage to property amounts to EUR 5,0 Mio.

The boat liability insurance for the operated yacht is always prior-ranking to the Professional Skipper’s Liability Insurance, meaning that the latter always pays out on a secondary basis.

Despite our experience and expertise in ensuring the safe transportation of yachts worldwide, there is always a small risk that a yacht might be damaged, however small. Therefore we strongly advise that all yachts for transportation are covered by an All-Risks Transport Insurance.

Read the special terms and conditions for my Professional Skipper Liability Insurance ยป

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